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The purpose of the production company "адал АС" is the production, promotion of valuable and useful properties of national food products. Along with this, the company works tirelessly to improve the quality of production of environmentally friendly food. For the first time, the production company "адал АС" presented its products in 2009 at the city exhibition of manufactured goods in Semey. The company presented products such as talkan and zhent, made according to traditional recipes, lovingly preserved by previous generations and extant to our tim

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Tel: 8 (7222) 50 26 06, 63 45 33,

8 708 260 3712 .8 777 579 27 33,

8 778 320 47 43


E-mail: talkan_uranhay@mail.ru

Address: Republic of KazakhstanAbay region, Semey city, st. Klubnaya 1, Individual Entrepreneur "Uranhay"

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