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The purpose of the production company "адал АС" is the production, promotion of valuable and useful properties of national food products. Along with this, the company works tirelessly to improve the quality of production of environmentally friendly food. For the first time, the production company "адал АС" presented its products in 2009 at the city exhibition of manufactured goods in Semey. The company presented products such as talkan and zhent, made according to traditional recipes, lovingly preserved by previous generations and extant to our time.

Talkan was the first to be put up for sale - a delicious and satisfying product made using a special technology from sprouted unpolished wheat grain. It is known that talkan was eaten by our nomadic ancestors. Talkan's ability to preserve useful properties for a long time has made it an indispensable product in the diet of the steppe nomad.

The next product produced by the company is Zhent, which, as you know, was usually prepared for distinguished guests, was the decoration of the festive dastarkhan.

These food products are prepared according to the traditional folk recipe, environmentally friendly and meet the consumer needs of the population.

A few years later, the company "адал АС" turned to the production of baursaks. The baursaks made of unleavened dough did not spoil for a long time, they were an invariable product of the Kazakhs who were in the conditions of military campaigns or nomads. And even today, baursaks made of unleavened dough of round or other shapes are widely known, popular and loved by the people.

In the production of baursaks, the "адал АС" company also adheres to the tastes and needs of the population.

Kurt is another of those products that this company produces for sale and to meet the needs of the population.

Currently, the production company "адал АС" has started the production of sweet rolls and cookies, thereby significantly expanding the range of confectionery products.

The products manufactured by the company meet the needs of the market and the requirements of consumers, are widely used both during large-scale festive events and in a quiet family circle.

The plans of the trade and production company "адал АС" are to make a feasible contribution to the further rise of the Kazakh economy, improve quality, produce competitive, environmentally friendly products that meet international standards and deliver to every home "адал АС"!

The company "адал AC" supports employees.

9 people, who worked for many years and contributed to the firm standing of the enterprise, were sent to rest in "Saryagash" sanatorium.
In this episode of the “Made in KZ” program, we talked about our company and the process of making your favorite bauyrsaks
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